Example Programs

1.3.2: Working out the triangular numbers
2.3.1: Storing a vector in an array
2.3.2: Storing a matrix in an array
3.2.3: Multiplying two 2 by 2 matrices
5.3.2: Solving a simultaneous equation
6.4.2: Finding the minimum spanning tree
7.5.1: Calculating the nth term of a given sequence V1
7.5.2: Calculating the nth term of a given sequence V2
8.2.2: Quick Sort
9.6.3: Simulation Scenario 1
9.6.4: Simulation Scenario 2
11.1.5: Converting a decimal number to binary
11.5.3: Converting binary numbers to Gray code
13.4.3: Converting an 8-bit character to MIME Base 64
15.1.2: Calculating a sequence of prime numbers
15.2.3: Euclid's Algorithm
15.3.2: Calculating the square root of a binary number
15.5.2: Working out the day of the week

Maths and Computing JavaScript Examples

This tool will run small JavaScript programs. It is essentially intended for use with the book "An Introduction to Mathematics for Computing and IT Practitioners". Click an entry on the right to select one of the book's code examples.

About the JavaScript Activity.

The JavaScript Activity allows small JavaScript programs to be entered. These programs can then be run and the output displayed. The Book "An Introduction to Maths for Computing and IT Practitions" demonstrates several of the concepts using JavaScript. These examples can be accessed using the "Examples" tab.