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An Introduction to Mathematics for Computing and IT Practitioners

An Introduction to Mathematics for Computing and IT Practitioners.

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There are a number of topics within Mathematics which have a direct relevance to Computing and IT. Some of these topics form the basis of how a computer processes data, some are used at a higher level to enable a program to perform a required function, and others are algorithmic and can be easily implemented within a computer program. This books attempts to bring together many of these mathematical concepts and present them in a way which is relevant to those studying ICT and Computing qualifications, and to those who would like to start to explore this subject for themselves.

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Web based interactice binary acivities

Includes: Conversions, Floating Point Numbers, Truth Tables, Karnaugh Maps

A set of resources and activities relating to number systems.

Topics include

  • Conversions between binary, hexadecimal and denary.
  • Floating point binary numbers expressed in mantissa and exponent form.
  • Two's complement.
  • Karnaugh Maps.

Coding Activities

Web based interactice coding activities

Includes: Pseudocode Emulator, Functional Programming Activity, Javascript Tool

Pseudocode Activity

An activity which allows pseudocode to be written and run in a trace table


  • Context sensitive code entry.
  • 14 Examples
  • Option to run through code step by step
  • Code flow option showing where line code moves to under certain consitions


Logical Calculator App

Available on the Itunes Apple Store and the Google Play Store

Released for the iPhone: April 2014

Released for Andriod: August 2019

A whole number calculator which provides useful functionality for those who are interested in computing. There are 5 different screens.

  • The decimal screen supports 32-bit and signed 31-bit numbers and can convert numbers to bases 2-10 and 16.
  • The binary can be set of 4-bit, 8-bit and 16 bit modes, and screen supports the logical operations AND, OR, XOR, NAND, NOR, XNOR and NOT.
  • The hexadecimal screen allows operations of hexadecimal numbers and conversions to bases 2-10.
  • There is a multi-base screen which allows simple calculations any numbers in bases 2-10 as well as quick conversions between them.
  • The following functions are available in the fifth screen: HCF, LCM, LD, LN, LOG, Factorial, nCr and nPr.


Web based interactice educational acivities

Includes: RSA Activity and Reverse Polish Calculator