Coding Resources

An selection of coding activities.

Coding Activites

JavaScript Code Tool

Includes the examples from within the book "Introduction to Mathematics for Computing and IT Practitioners"

Mini 6502 Interpreter

A tool to interpret programs using the 6502 Zero Page instruction set and illustrate how memory can be mapped to a text or bitmap representaiton. It includes several examples of 6502 Assembly language programs.

Tools based on the AQA A-Level Computer Science Specification

Assembly language interpreter

A tool to interpret programs using AQA Assembly language instruction set that is based on the ARM processor. It includes examples and an illustrative 24-bit machine code, to demonstrate how the operand and opcode are stored. It Includes

Functional Programming Activity

A tools that allows lists, filters and functions to be defined and used to create functional programming commands. There are also examples lists, filters and functions available. The commands are based on the AQA functional programming commands and include mapping to the equivalent Haskell commands.

Pseudocode Interpreter

A tool to create Pseudocode programs based on the AQA Pseudocode specification. These programs can then be traces through step by step. It includes examples programs.